Will A.I. Replace Fiction Writers?

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Will A.I. Replace Fiction Writers? Are you concerned–will A.I. replace fiction writers?   Go ahead and type “Will AI” into your search box. I’ll wait.   Look at all the fear.   (If you’ve been around my website for any … Continued

A Green Thumb for Creativity

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Do you have a green thumb for creativity?    (Pssst! Cole, here. Enjoy this guest post by my dear friend, Sandra Peasley Bush. I know you will 😉 )   “What’s that?” you may ask. “How do I know if … Continued

Last-Minute Gifts for Writers

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Are you up against a hard, gift-giving deadline? Then let’s get right into it! Here are a few last-minute gifts for writers that will please every scribe on your list!   Gift Cards…duh! But not just any generic gift card! … Continued

Set Writing Goals That Work!

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Another year’s end means another goal-setting sesh. But if your new year’s goals never seem to pay off, that cycle can get discouraging. (Full disclosure: I’m a Questioner, so I, too think picking an arbitrary date to set goals is … Continued

Self-Editing for Fiction Writers

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Cole, here! 👋 Let me introduce my friend, M. Lynne Squires. Not only is she a gifted writer (Pushcart nominee, HELLO?!) I think she has a superpower when it comes to staying organized and setting up systems that work. So … Continued

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