New Year: Mindfulness and Creativity

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One of last year’s most-ubiquitous buzzwords, mindfulness, is worth a closer look we finish up January’s New Year series. If you didn’t hear about mindfulness on a weekly basis last year, you must have been on media sabbatical. (Or, maybe, … Continued

New Year: Simplify

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It completes the triad of New Year’s resolutions: diet, exercise, and…simplify!  At this time of year, there’s something so appealing about putting away the frills and excesses of the holidays and getting back to simplicity. (Or, in my case, *closer* … Continued

The Benefits of Reading Bedtime Stories

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Christmas break is nearly here, and school-time routines fly out the window! That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it can be a fantastic opportunity to shake things up and try something new — like reading nightly bedtime stories. We’ve … Continued

Looking for a Light in the Darkness

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In creative work, we often contrast different qualities. Some of our favorite characters are walking, talking dichotomies. The most famous masterpieces in art are opposites nestled together on one canvas. In music, few things are as thrilling as an unexpected … Continued

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