Preptober: Map Your Plot

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Map your plot!     Confession: When talking shop with another writer, if they tell me they don’t plot their novels, my heart sinks. It’s not because I’m a novel snob. (But, I mean, aren’t we all?) It’s because I’ve … Continued

Preptober: Create a Cast of Characters

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Think of your favorite story. Have it in your head? What makes it your favorite? Chances are, it’s the cast of characters. Whether you side with the hero or the villain–or even the winning sidekick–the characters make a story come … Continued

Preptober: Research Your Novel

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Bittersweet! It’s finally cooled off a little here in our part of the world. From eighties to this morning’s mid-forties, we have weather whiplash at the Smith Creative Headquarters. But no matter how balmy or breezy, it’s still Preptober! And … Continued

How to Speak to a Crowd

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You’ve booked a public appearance to promote your work! Fabulous!! But, wait–that means you have to speak. Erm, like, in front of people. Maybe lots of people. Yikes. If the dread has you fantasizing of calling off the whole thing, … Continued

3 Creativity-Boosting Exercises

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People carry a lot of baggage about creativity. They either think, “Oh, I’m just not creative,” or, “I’m creative as heck so I can’t be bothered by things like ‘routines’.” Well, you know what, I’m not “a math person” (<–not … Continued

To Blog or Not to Blog?

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In certain writing circles, there’s a debate about blogging. “To blog or not to blog?” Some argue for its merits, others say blogging robs time and resources from writing projects. Could I write more novels if I stopped dividing my … Continued

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