It’s my Blogiversary!!

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Happy Blogiversary! February 27th will mark a year since I launched Cole Smith Writes, can you believe it?! Looking back over the last trip around the sun, there are so many positive changes I’ve been able to experience! When I … Continued

3 Ways to Eliminate Loneliness

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As Valentine’s Day approaches, the holiday can bring its fair share of disappointment. Grocery aisles of pink balloons, cards, chocolate boxes and roses can accentuate the loneliness we all feel at times. Chronic loneliness is a different beast. An article … Continued

Books for Personal Growth This Year

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2018 is off to a great start! How can you keep January’s momentum going strong into spring? By taking time to invest in personal development! Harry S. Truman said, “Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.” If … Continued

New Year: Mindfulness and Creativity

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One of last year’s most-ubiquitous buzzwords, mindfulness, is worth a closer look we finish up January’s New Year series. If you didn’t hear about mindfulness on a weekly basis last year, you must have been on media sabbatical. (Or, maybe, … Continued

New Year: Simplify

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It completes the triad of New Year’s resolutions: diet, exercise, and…simplify!  At this time of year, there’s something so appealing about putting away the frills and excesses of the holidays and getting back to simplicity. (Or, in my case, *closer* … Continued

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