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It’s Nicole, actually.


But after I took the married name, Smith, I realized Anna Nicole Smith would beat me in a Google search every single time. And–voila!–my pen name was born. (Creative, I know.)


I had that pen name before I had any finished manuscripts. For years, it felt weird. I knew I wanted to be an author. And a couple of times each year I’d get super-inspired to make it happen *somehow*. Whatever it took, I resolved to do it…unless it involved finishing a book, sending out query letters, or pitching agents. Like…yuck.


Then, through a strange series of events, I started this blog. Suddenly, I was writing every day–I was a writer! In blogging groups, I heard about the Miracle Morning and read it. Holy mole, I was a morning person!!! I started listening to the Achieve Your Goals podcast and discovered Chandler Bolt’s book Published. That book doused the hot coals of my ticked-off-for-not-publishing-yet attitude with jet fuel. In just a few months, I finished and self-pubbed Waiting for Jacob. I was an author!?!!


The best part?


Who I became in the process.


(I know, pass the barf bag. But it’s true! I get a little weepy even thinking about it.)


So I want to ask you:




Who are you becoming?


Are you in the quicksand, not even sure which blob of slightly-more-solid ground to struggle toward? Have you been so disappointed that you’ve given up on writing, only to have the compulsion come back, knocking like some half-dead creature from a Poe story?


Are you afraid?




You’re my “people”!


It all counts, and it’s all valuable. I’m here to help you focus and find what works for you. Most of your friends and family can’t relate to what it’s like to have a head full of imaginary friends, plot arcs, and scene snarls. Well, honey, this is the community for you. We’ll help you coax that uncooperative character back to the cliff’s edge of the climactic moment. We’ll figure out how to organize your memoir (even the awful parts you’re not sure people want to know). And we’ll funnel all that knowledge out of your big, beautiful brain and into an orderly how-to book that your readers are desperate to buy.


The best way to start is to get the password to the Writer’s Resource Library (click here for free access). You’ll find planners, goal sheets, and other resources to help you gain traction.


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