Last-Minute Gifts for Writers

Last-Minute Gifts for Writers

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Are you up against a hard, gift-giving deadline? Then let’s get right into it! Here are a few last-minute gifts for writers that will please every scribe on your list!


Gift Cards…duh!

But not just any generic gift card! Think spas (half-hour massages for nerd-neck and cramped typing hands), a mail-order meal service (once a week for one month would be great–especially in the winter!), a stationery store (if you have one locally, cherish it!), and even a seasonal bouquet to brighten up a desk or office space.


Of course…coffee shops are still a can’t-miss option 😉



Office Supply Store Bliss

To eliminate shipping time, you can skid into your nearest office supply store on two wheels, pick up a few gifts, and still make it to the writer’s group potluck on time. Look for:

  • desk organizers
  • beautiful file folders (or those accordion files!)
  • a nice corkboard, chalkboard or dry erase square (and Command strips or hooks) for making plot notes
  • fountain pens or felt tip pens in lush colors
  • a swanky zippered pen bag for said pens, or luxurious-looking pencil box

Your imagination is the limit at the office supply store. You’ll find heaps of last-minute gifts for writers!


A Creative Retreat

One of my most perennial blog series is How to Plan a Creative Retreat , so I know that there are many creatives out there who long for a day away to focus on a project! (In fact, once this busy season is past, why don’t you gift yourself a retreat..? You’ve earned it!)

In short, remove any obstacle for your writer to get away for a day.

  • Time? Offer to take over their responsibilities for a day.
  • Money? How about a gift card for a night at quiet state-park lodge or a day’s worth of lattes and meals at a local cafe–preferably near a park for occasion breaks?
  • Experience? Book a session with a writing coach or creative life coach.

Whatever the impediment, remove the resistance so your writer can focus on writing!


An Online Course

There is certainly no shortage of courses available, for a wide variety of genres and disciplines.


For fiction writers (or general topic writers who can’t seem to get traction), may I suggest my own course?


The Fiction Mastermind is for writers who struggle to stay motivated to write consistently, or feel too overwhelmed to start. The Fiction Mastermind walks writers through four modules: exposition, complication, conflict, and resolution.

  • Exposition: How to bring the writing life of your dreams into sharp focus
  • Complication: How to remove obstacles and stressors that distract you
  • Conflict: How to balance the tension of your creative pursuit with your own personality and preferences
  • Resolution: Trouble-shoot and position yourself to take the next steps into sharing your work


The Fiction Mastermind also includes the popular planner to help writers organize and set up a system they love, one that’s customized to fit their own life.


Questions? Click here.


But whichever course you choose, make sure to purchase one with a guarantee–no risk! (The Fiction Mastermind has a 45-day money-back guarantee.)


NOW YOU: Do you have other ideas for last-minute gifts for writers?
Help a shopper out and leave them in the comments!



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