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Year’s end is always a time for reflection at Cole Smith Writes creative headquarters. (That’s code for my spare bedroom a.k.a. my office and where we keep all the extra quilts…) What did you love to read on the blog in 2019? What do you want more of in 2020? Join the Writer’s Resource Library and let me know in the survey there. I always start out the year with a plan, but the readers and blog visitors often change that plan, so the end of the year is a lovely surprise. This year is no different. Here are this year’s most popular posts, the best of 2019:





#10: 5 Easy Journal Pages

Basically? You guys love journals. But guess what–so do I 🙂 So, so much…



#9: Preptober: Research Your Novel

The month leading up to NaNoWriMo is always a crazy time around here, and last year was no exception. Here are some free downloads to help you on your NaNo adventures!



#8: The Three Words that Will Change Your Writing Life

Ugh, I still love this post, and I still remind myself of the three words when I get freaked out by fear. Or freaked out by doubt. Freaked out by overwhelm… Yep, I think of these often, you guys.



#7: Preptober: Map Your Plot

I used to be a willy-nilly pantser. But no more, friends. Plotting changed my life, and I’m evangelizing about it (or at least clarifying) here on the blog whenever I get the chance.



#6: Exercises to Help You Become a Stronger Writer

We all love a good writing exercise now and again, don’t we? Actually, since I’m a teacher, I’m a somewhat rebellious student. So if you want to riff on these ideas and come up with your own, I *totally* get it!



#5: Free Download: Printable Writer’s Journal Pages

Journals and journaling were uber popular topics around here in 2019, and I expect 2020 to carry on with that trend. What do you love about writer’s journals? I love how it frees up my mind to relax and create. (Okay, I also love color-coded pens. But if you’ve ever sat near me at a workshop, you already knew that…)



#4: The Writer’s Resource Library

Early 2019 marked the beginning of the resource library, and I’ve been stashin’ worksheets, checklists and other resources in there as fast as I can!



#3: 5 Myths New Writers Should Ignore

Okay, we hit a nerve, here, people. If any of these myths are holding you back, I think it’s time you create your own stories. Then ride those new beliefs to success. Hero’s Journey stuff, guys. Who do you have to become to get to where you want to be? Those old limiting beliefs have got to GO.



#2: The Habit That Changed My Writing Life

…and it’s not one that you’re going to like! But I dare you to be brave and try it for a week. Just seven days; not six, but the full seven. You just won’t believe the results.




And the most popular post of the year is…



How to Start a Writer’s Notebook!

You must *love* writers’ notebooks! This post, penned in January of 2019, turned out to be the surprise hit of the year. It’s SIX TIMES more popular than the #2 post!? Wow, you guys. I hear you: more posts about writer’s notebooks in 2020 😉 You got it, ya’ll.





Thanks so much for joining me here this year. We may all be holed up in our writing lairs, pecking out words a screenful at a time, but it feels good to meet you here in this space, to support you on your journey, and to encourage one another. Cheers for more words, more books, and more love in 2020 <3









NOW YOU: Did your favorite CSW post make Best of 2019 list? What topics would you like to read in 2020?




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