Try these last-minute Father's Day gift ideas for your dad!

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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Dads can be notoriously hard to shop for. My own dad won’t even let me take him to the movies, insisting we use the vouchers he gets for donating blood. That’s just like him; try to give him a gift, he’ll out-gift you. But it’s our Father’s Day routine: a junk food lunch and a summer super hero blockbuster, followed by ice cream. (Our local theater just installed the recliner seats–oh, yeah.) He says the real gift is just time together. If your dads and husbands are similarly difficult to gift, check out these winning ideas:




A Day at His Wonderland — with a Gift Card!

You know how you hate to take him shopping with you, because he just wants to find the soft “man chair” by the door and says, “Take your time.” … No pressure, right? Bless Dad with a real no-pressure morning or afternoon at his favorite store. Whether it’s a Guitar Center, Barnes & Noble, or an outdoor outfitters, send him with plenty of time and a big ol’ gift card. A day trip to Ohio’s Amish Country for Lehman’s Hardware or Keim Lumber is a popular option in our neck of the woods. (And if the women have the option of taking off to other shops for a couple of hours, that’s a coincidence, not the real motivation 🙂 ) We also stop for comfort food on the way home, then debate who has to drive an hour and a half in a food-coma.




A Kit

Dads don’t like to go searching for things. Hook them up with a kit so they’ll have everything they need in one place! Here are a few fun suggestions:


  • Movie kit – Fill a popcorn bowl with popcorn, a few other salty and sweet treats, bottled drinks of his choice, and a movie he wants to see or considers a classic but doesn’t already own on his preferred format (BluRay, DVD, etc.). Make time to gather as a family and watch it with him!


  • Car wash kit – Put together a great car wash kit with new chamois, sponges, an interior duster, premium car wash soap (Is it called car shampoo? It should be.), a nice wax, interior cleaning wipes, and wheel cleaner. Put all these goodies in a bucket. You could even throw in an album he’d enjoy so he can jam in the driveway.


  • Meal kit – Gather supplies for his favorite meal, then offer to make it for him. Include a bottle of his favorite fizzy drink and cheese and crackers for an appetizer.


  • Camping kit – Whether he likes to “rough it” or to keep things a little more civil, you can gift Dad with a kit filled with thoughtful camping supplies. Thick hiking socks, bug repellant, s’mores fixin’s, fire starters, and other camping classics can come together like a nostalgic summer in a basket.




Time Volunteering

If your dad has a cause that’s dear to his heart, consider setting aside time to volunteer together. If time is tight but you’re an ace event-planner, host an online fundraiser to support Dad’s charity of choice. This can be an especially meaningful gift for older dads, who are more focused on legacy.




Whichever gift you choose, enjoy time spent with the dads in your life. If your own father is gone, find a father figure and make sure he knows what he’s meant to you. These holidays can be bittersweet, but choose to make new sweet memories this year.



Have you discovered a smash-hit Father’s Day gift? Post it in the comments!




Need some Father's Day Gift Ideas? These have been hits in our family!




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