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Free Download: NaNoWriMo Weekly Calendar

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Use this free NaNoWriMo Weekly Calendar to track your November goals!


As October tips past its midpoint, it’s time to gather all our NaNoWriMo tools and set the stage for an incredible November noveling month. While it’s impossible to ever be *totally* prepared, taking the time now to create a creative framework for your writing efforts can eliminate needless stress later.


Are you ready?



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Visual Progress

A lot of writers are visual, and like visual reminders and motivational tools. Just look at all the planners, post-it notes, colored pens, and office supply doo-dads available. Sure, tacticle learners love a good rubber band ball but the visual learners are aaaalll about the stationery.


When you write on a computer, it can be hard to judge your progress. It feels like you’ve been staring at the same screen, the same page, the same line, the same cursor for–what year is it..?


That’s why a visual cue like a calendar can be so useful. The NaNoWriMo website has an array of visual graphics that will let you see, at a glance, how far you’ve come and how much time you have left. But if you’d like to see your book goal broken down into days and weeks, this calendar is for you.




Break Time

How many times have you snapped back to consciousness after falling into some mental crevasse about the main character’s socks or something (Isn’t she mildly allergic to wool? Perhaps an acrylic blend would be the best bet.), with the realization that you need to take a break? Like, right now.


Grab a snack, refresh your weakened tea just one more time, and go to the calendar. Jot down a few notes, refocus your attention, and you’ll be ready to go back to the novel.




All The Pens

Speaking of visual learners and their love of stationery, this is your happy opportunity to break out the rainbow of markers, pens, and pencils to color code to your hearts’ content.


Just be sure you don’t spend more time finessing the calendar than you do building your plot.



Small Easy Steps

Writing 50,000 words in thirty days is totally possible. It’s also a massive undertaking. Especially during the trudging second week, it can feel like you’ve lost your mind to take up such a challenge.


By breaking this glacier of a goal into smaller and smaller ice chunks–until the next step is manageable enough to use it as an ice cube in your tea … your fifth tea of the afternoon–you can prevent feelings of motivation-crushing overwhelm.




I wish you fair skies and full word processor screens next month.


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NOW YOU: How do you stay motivated during an intense project? Have you ever used a NaNoWriMo Weekly Calendar?





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