How to Help the Authors You Love

How to Help the Authors You Love

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Do you have a book that you’re currently geeking out on? Remember, it was written by a real person who’s navigating the sometimes rough waters of publishing. Whether they’re traditionally published or an indie author, these writers are also responsible for marketing their work. Here are a few ways you can come alongside your favorite authors and help them continue to write smashing books:



Ever wonder how to help the authors you love? It's an exciting time to be in book marketing and reader relations, but there are a few challenges to navigate.


Write a Review

Reviews are gold–period. I mean, when I want to buy a pair of shoes, I go online and read the reviews. (Then I go to my local shoe store. This makes them very happy. Me, too.) In fact, before I lay down my dollars for a new purchase, it’s likely I’ll look up some reviews. This is the way we shop now. Is it any surprise that a positive review can mean exponential momentum for your fave author? So when Amazon sends you an email asking for you to rate your recent purchase, just click on through and give ’em some stars.



Participate on Social Media

Social media platforms are changing all the time. Facebook tweeked their algorithm last fall; now Pinterest is fine-tuning theirs. We all use and benefit from these platforms, so the changes are not for us to whine and writhe over. But we do need to keep up with what’s new and different. Many of your favorite authors and creatives are trotting along to stay current. If their content makes you smile, give them a comment, like, or a share. Engagement will always be important. Let them know what you love to hear, and what you’d like more of. Social media can be a lot of guesswork. Sometimes a post we love will get crickets, and one we totally tossed out off the cuff will yield tons of feedback. Help clear up the mystery 🙂



Spread the Word

The best marketing is still word-of-mouth. When you’re really jazzed about a book, tell people. And it’s easier than ever, thanks to social media. (If you’re participating in the author’s social media campaigns, make that easy squared! Just share their promotions!) I don’t know about you, but a person-to-person recommendation hits me a lot harder than scrolling through impersonal reviews. When my life-long friend tells me I have to read a title, I do it (because she’s always right). So one of the biggest ways to help an author is to blab to everyone about how much you enjoyed a book.




A lot of readers have the romantic idea that writers toil away in attics, ship off a manuscript, and put their feet up while an entire department of editors and publishers handles distribution, marketing, and sales. Those days are long gone. But you know, I think these days are better. Authors have unprecedented creative control and freedom. Show your support by helping them spread the word, interact with readers, and collect positive reviews. It means playing a part in a cycle of joy: better marketing means more books that you’ll love!


NOW YOU: Is there an author you’re crushing on? Did you post a review? If not, what review barrier do you find the most annoying?





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