It's My Blogiversary!!

It’s my Blogiversary!!

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Happy Blogiversary! February 27th will mark a year since I launched Cole Smith Writes, can you believe it?! Looking back over the last trip around the sun, there are so many positive changes I’ve been able to experience! When I clicked publish on my first post, I felt sick. Sending words out into the ether is never easy, especially at the beginning.


It was a warm but wet winter last year, but I kept indoors more than usual, working before school, after school, and on the weekends to learn new tech skills and create content. (Not gonna lie, the tech skills are still my biggest challenge. Every time I think I’ve got one thing smoothed out, a new tech tangle springs up!) A few months in, I felt like I was learning so much my head would explode. It was like being in college again, and, in a way, that was energizing in itself.


The online world changes so quickly, I imagine I’ll have to learn a ton of new skills in the future, too. Which doesn’t worry me, because this has been the funnest (<– yes, not a real word, I know, but it fits!) year ever.


If there’s a leap you’ve been waiting to make because you’re not sure you’re ready, just jump! You’ll figure it out as you go along 🙂 Getting in over your head can make you feel a little panicky, but it’s way better than feeling regret.


Thank you so much for being a part of this journey with me, and for sharing Cole Smith Writes with your friends.


Are you waiting for the “right time” to jump into a new adventure? The perfect time will never come; just go for it!



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