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Top Ten Posts of 2018

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We’re winding down 2018, almost ready to close it and put it on the shelf. (Am I the only one who bawls during Rudolph’s Shiny New Year, during Father Time’s song?) I’ve been doing some reminiscing and a little analysis on the blog, and thought it would be fun to put together a “Best of” post. It’s always interesting to see which topics connect with people, and which ones flop (even if I’m really ‘thused about them). I’m so grateful to be able to share these articles, and work with you on your creative journey. Here are the top ten posts of 2018. Cheers to more inspiration in 2019!




The 3 Words That Will Change Your Life

A tenth of all the pageviews on my blog are due to this one post, so it tops the list even though *technically* it’s a post from 2017. I get inspired every time I think about this post and the event that inspired it. When I mention its popularity to author, R.G. Yoho, he is surprised and humbled. But from your comments, I know I’m not the only one who found gold in those words. And if you or someone in your family enjoys Westerns, check out his books. Each of his stories has a twist I didn’t see coming!




The Habit That Changed My Writing Life

This is another post from 2017 that found new life in 2018 as it made the Pinterest writing circuit. I think we’re all hungry for “the secret” that will super-charge our productivity. Well, more than anything else I did, this one new habit gave me a leg-up when it came time to finish and polish my novel. Throughout the year, I tweak my habit to improve it even more. And I get just as excited about it now as I did then!




Books for Personal Growth

You know, sometimes life gets crazy and I give myself a little grace by posting a quick, fun article (like this one!) that’s simple and straight forward. While I want a post like that to serve my readers by providing great value, I don’t foster hopes that it will be a high performer. Which is why it was a total shock when this little list, here, had a viral weekend back in October. I guess a lot of people were fed up and wanted some personal development, quick! These books have meant so much to me, I throw each one back on my to-be-read pile periodically. And each title stands the test of time–it’s just as fantastic the fifth time as it was the first!




Why You Should Start When You’re Not Ready

Starting is complicated. In some ways it’s the easiest stage of a project, but other times it’s the biggest hurdle. We know the beginning can be exciting, but it’s also terrifying. We tell ourselves we aren’t allowed to start our passion project until we get all the details figured out. But if we’re not intentonal, this becomes an excuse to procrastinate. And procrastinate. I think that’s why this post was popular: we all need help breaking the inertia of doubt.




Preptober: Research Your Novel

Featuring a NaNoPrepMo freebie, this post is a celebration of all the anticipation and nervousness of Preptober. If you missed NaNoWriMo, it’s never too late to download these novel planning worksheets and build a solid foundation for your next book.




3 Creativity Boosting Exercises

The popularity of this post came as a bit of a surprise to me. It’s just a quick, fun list of prompts and idea-generating tips. Everyone likes a reason to daydream, right? Even if you don’t use any of these exercises, they may trigger another idea that leads you to discover a story you can’t wait to write.




How to Build Confidence as a Writer

Got a bad case of impostor syndrome? Yeah, me, too. (The occasional cranky book review doesn’t help matters…) I mean, I write about writing and still there are days I don’t feel like a “real” writer. If that sounds familiar, check out a few ways to build confidence in your writing and in *you*. And remember the 3 Words




Preptober Planner

Featuring another Preptober freebie for readers, this post is still making the rounds on Pinterest. Thanks for helping me design freebies, workbooks, and planners by answering these five quick survey questions!




Time Management Tricks for Creatives

I study time management techniques a *lot* because I need them a *lot*. It’s funny–no matter how many productivity gurus advocate their own particular method, the most effective habits endure. Have you tried any of these tips yet? Which ones work best for you and your project?




Free Printable Self-Publishing Checklist

This freebie hooks up subscribers with an easy-to-follow checklist designed to help eliminate overwhelm. The thought of publishing a book throws many writers into a tail-spin of intimidation and doubt. Instead of heading down that path, just take a deep breath and focus on the next step on the list. Let me know how you use it on your publishing journey, and when your book launches!





Did you make it to the end of the list? Some of these were no-brainers and a few were total shocks. Thanks for stopping in and spending some time here. I hope to do more of the same in the year to come. Did your favorite post show up in the top ten posts of 2018? Which topics thrill you in 2019?





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